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Windows 10 Build 9926

Windows 10 Build 9926 Paint JPEG Image Quality and Size

I noticed that in the latest build of Windows 10 Tech Preview that Paint seems to automatically optimize images for the web when you save them as jpeg files. I noticed this recently when I was taking a screenshot using print screen and then pasting it into Paint and noticed that unlike previous builds, yahoo smushit was unable to optimize the image any further. Usually I am able to get at least 10% – 20% savings in size after I do this, and I’ve done it like 50 times before, so this was a welcome surprise! In general the image sizes for screenshots are much smaller than previous Windows versions and the quality looks ok too, so really this should help to speed up the Internet down the road 🙂

Windows 10 Build 9926: Default Desktop

You can click on the image below to view the full sized, 1920×1080 image, but really not a lot has changed for the Windows 10 Desktop, it does look a bit nicer compared to previous builds. There is now a search bar, which is annoying, but easily removable. Continue reading to see how to get rid of the search box, it’s only a scroll down!

Windows10 Build 9926 Default Desktop 1920x1080.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: How to Replace Windows Search Bar with Search Icon

If you are annoyed by the Windows 10 search bar that takes up a decent amount of space on the taskbar, and want to replace it. Check out the image below and do it! It’s pretty simple, just right click on the taskbar, then click on properties then click on the far right tab called toolbars. Finally, at the bottom of that tab there is a setting called Search on the taskbar, change this to “show icon” and apply the new setting.

Windows10 Build 9926 Replace Taskbar Search Bar with icon.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: Windows Update Main UI

The Windows Update UI got a face lift in Build 9926. Previously the UI looked almost the exact same as it does in Windows 8.1. Now it looks like Metro, but doesn’t make you access the Metro UI to get to the settings, you can access Windows Update via the normal desktop as well.

Windows10 Build 9926 Windows Update UI.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: Windows Update Advanced Settings

With Windows 10 Build 9926 the Windows Update UI got an update, and also added some new options. In build 9841 the Windows Update UI looks like it does in Windows 8.1. Now the Update UI looks like the Metro Version, but can be accessed with the normal desktop. There are now new options for the speed at which you receive new build updates. By default the speed is set to Slow, however I have changed this to Fast because what’s the fun in working software??

Windows10 Build 9926 Windows Update Advanced Options.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: Task Manager and Resource Monitor

Nothing has changed with the Windows 10 task manager and resource monitor. The UIs look the same and don’t appear to include any new features, which is a shame because both the task manager and resource monitor are really lacking in functionality. Sure, you can get basic info, and that’s all you need most of the time, but I mean couldn’t they add at least some more metrics and averages?

Windows10 Build 9926 Windows Task Manager Resource Monitor.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: Settings Overview

Build 9926 basically got a new look across the board. This is the new Settings page for Windows 10. The Settings panel has not replaced the Control Panel, but for the most part it offers the same settings, it’s just a little more annoying to navigate. If you don’t like the settings UI, no worries, you can still access the good old Control Panel with the new Windows 10 Build.

Windows10 Build 9926 Windows Settings Overview.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: Storage Sense and Save Locations

The Storage Sense settings can be found under the main Settings UI. I only have a single SSD installed, but I would image that if I had another SSD hooked up I would be able to select what drive certain files get saved under. I do not recall seeing this before, or maybe it was hidden under the old Metro UI, but this seems like it would pretty useful!

Windows10 Build 9926 Settings Storage Sense Save Locations.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: Calculator UI Screenshot

The calculator for Windows 10 has received an update. The new calculator look is very nice and I think it’s an improvement over the old design. The Windows 10 calculator is very responsive and I can’t really complain about it.

Windows10 Build 9926 Caclulator UI.jpg

Windows 10 Build 9926: 3DMark Benchmarks

I’m running Windows 10 Tech Preview Build 9926. GTX 970 +100 Core OC, Intel i7-4790K, 16GB RAM, 480GB SSD. I’ve installed MSI Afterburner so I can OC my GTX 970.

You will notice that despite the missing 500MB of RAM, this card is still fast as fuck. In fact, it’s faster than 96% of anyone who ever used 3DMARK. I love the GTX 970, especially with an Intel i7-4790K. Anyway, the Windows Tech Preview is pretty stable, nothing even crashed while I ran 3DMARK which is pretty damn impressive.

GTX970 missing ram lol.jpg

GTX 970 + i7-4790K Total Score

  • FIRE STRIKE Score: 11010
  • SKY DIVER Score: 27791
  • CLOUD GATE Score: 28627
  • ICE STORM Score: 184956

Windows10 Build 9926 3DMARK Firestrike skydiver cloudgate icestorm GTX970 i7-4790K-16GBRAM.jpg

GTX 970 Graphics Score

  • FIRE STRIKE Graphics: 13060
  • SKY DIVER Graphics: 41386
  • CLOUD GATE Graphics: 85127
  • ICE STORM Graphics: 403771

GTX 970 Physics Score

  • FIRE STRIKE Physics: 12109
  • SKY DIVER Physics: 11210
  • CLOUD GATE Physics: 8615
  • ICE STORM Physics: 63850

GTX 970 Combined Score

  • FIRE STRIKE Combined: 4761
  • SKY DIVER Combined: 22326
  • CLOUD GATE Combined: NA
  • ICE STORM Combined: NA

Windows 10 Build 9926: Bioshock Infinite 2715×1527 MFAA Screenshot

I’m using a GTX 970, Intel i7-4790K, 16GB of RAM and am using the latest Windows Tech Preview of Windows 10, build 9926. I get around 70 FPS on average when using the Bioshock Infinite Benchmarking utility, using Ultra settings for everything, AA is also enabled and I have MFAA turned on in the Nvidia Control Panel. I selected “User Settings” for the resolution, and I set the in game resolution to 2715×1527 before running the Bioshock benchmark tool.

Windows10 Build 9926 bioshock infinite 2715x1527 GTX970.jpg

I was able to get around 39 FPS when I disabled AA, and set the in game resolution to 3840×2160 using a DSR factor of 4. Again, I am using a GTX 970, running Build 9266 of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Build 9926: PotPlayer with MadVR 720p and 1080p Performance

I was able to install PotPlayer without an issue on Windows Tech Preview Build 9926. With Build 9841 I had issues when I configured PotPlayer to use MadVR for the video render. There was an OpenCL version incompatibility. I didn’t try and fix the error, because I wanted to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Build anyway. But I can confirm that with Build 9926, PotPlayer and MadVR work just fine. In fact, I noticed that 720p video took about 1ms less to render a frame, on average. Windows 8.1 had an average render time of 19.81ms, Windows 10 Build 9926 had an average render time of 18.57ms.

I was using the same versions of the software and the same MadVR settings for both tests, so it looks like Windows 10 is a little faster at rendering video than Windows 8.1.

The same was true with 1080p video, Windows 8.1 had an average render time of 4.62ms, Windows 10 Build 9926 had an average render time of 3.57ms.

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